Something I’ve been interested in during my time playing WoW is collecting and advancing reputation levels on particular toons. This serves to unlock items for appearances and profession recipes. In a different sheet I’ve specified what direction I’ve taken some toons in when there’s a choice to be made between different groups for reputation and comments about what items are needed to advance reputation and who they go to first are listed.

In the graphs I’ve omitted where a toon has no standing with a group as that skews results. I’ve also cropped the image to obscure each toon’s full name.

Exported on 17th September 2019

So it’s been a few years and a release since I’ve done a reputation export. Nowadays all my toons of this batch aside from the bottom AH toon are at level 60, the current maximum level in WoW. How’s that rep going?

Exported on 25th January 2022

There’s been significant levelling of reputation happening for a couple of characters and others are sort of just getting pulled along with the tide. The red and yellow lines are largely due to crafting that needs particular reps to be very high to unlock recipes and appearances.

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