Reversible Honeycomb Cowl

Reversible cables have caught my interest and I wanted to learn how they worked. This type of project is an ideal gift for non-knitters because there's technically no wrong side so your recipient can wear it whichever way pleases them the most. I was attracted to this pattern because the FO pictures were so eye... Continue Reading →

Relax with Tea blackwork

As soon as I saw this pattern I knew I wanted to make it. I have a friend who recently created a library in their home. They are a fellow crafter and creator though not, in the world of needlework (yet). For this design I used some of the colours from the pattern and also... Continue Reading →

Bojagi Shawl

This project was my choice for the Quiet Queers Craftalong 2020, it's a design by the craftalong's creator and when I saw it I adored it. It also finally felt like the right project for my handspun gradient that I'd been holding onto for the perfect project. I'd made this gradient yarn by painstakingly pulling... Continue Reading →

Tour de Fleece 2021

Tour de France 2021 route map This year the Tour snuck up on me. I've been concentrating on other things and had prepared nothing by the time it was go day. I did manage to catch the coverage as it was going with a couple of hours notice. So this year, once again, I'm playing... Continue Reading →

SM15 3 – What Big Beleaf You Have

Writing this post took a long time to bring myself to. This project took a lot of time to finish; while it wasn't what I'd call a hate knit, it honestly wasn't far from it. I feel it was an interesting choice for relatively early in the competition. In previous years a sock like this... Continue Reading →

SM15 2 – All the Beees

This project was a bit of a slow one for me. I wasn't sure if it was inexperience with rapidly switching between knits and purls, that the charts were needing close attention, that it was beaded quite a bit or all the things combined but I felt like I wasn't getting far fast. I did... Continue Reading →

My Project Template for WordPress

This was originally a private post for my personal use. It's been relatively recently finished so my project pages here may not yet all follow this format; eventually they will. If it's helpful for you too when devising how you want to format project pages on your own sites then have at adapting anything that'll... Continue Reading →

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