Relax with Tea blackwork

As soon as I saw this pattern I knew I wanted to make it. I have a friend who recently created a library in their home. They are a fellow crafter and creator though not, in the world of needlework (yet).

For this design I used some of the colours from the pattern and also supplemented in my own which were some I had in my stock of threads and some that I wanted to add. I also wanted to make it reflective of my friend’s home and colours they have in the room where I’d hoped they’d choose to hang it. I went for an off the shelf Ikea frame that matched other frames they use in the house. I got the mat custom cut from my framer which was very price-favourable and they were happy to cut it while I waited.

There was definitely no shaming from having purchased a frame elsewhere, especially when using their services for the whole framing process takes literal months. I’ll certainly take this route in future if I’ve got a finished piece that doesn’t fit within the pre-cut mat of the frame, or I want a different colour mat.

Key Details

Pattern: Relax with Tea by Peppermint Purple

Started: 26 February 2021
Finished: 19 July, 2021
Timing: 37hr 33min

Size: 100x180st field on 28ct evenweave

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Needle Size: I think it was 24

DMC Colours: 35, 310, 414, 552, 561, 814, 823, 833, 931.

Particulars and Rating: I used many colours from the pattern but did change some to suit the home the finished piece was going to.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Modifications, pattern notes, errata.

Aside from colour mods described above I also removed the pencil and left leaning book from the pattern. This was to make it of a size that would fit into my largest Q-Snap frame and also save me from having to move the frame around once the fabric was fixed in place. I also added a monogram to one of the books as a personalised touch that mirrors what my friend does with their diaries.

If I’d wanted to go especially customised I could have retained the leaning book and found a fountain pen design to add in though I felt that widening the piece would make it a little too large.

I modified some of the stitch designs of the thin edges to either put a colour in at all or alter the appearance by using slanted stitches instead of vertical ones.

Crafter Log

I enjoyed this piece overall, didn’t take many notes which is indicative of not having a frustrating time with it. I found the pages a little tedious because I wanted to follow the pattern pretty exactly there.

Also satin thread and I are not friends and likely will never be. I’m glad I reminded myself of that in a very small way.

I finished by soaking in cool water and ironing under a calico cloth. Annoyingly the hoop mark from where I added the initials never truly went away even after a number of rounds of ironing. In future I’d freehand sew in extras that came after the bulk of the work was done.

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