Tracking Data

I get interested in ways to observe progression in my hobbies. That can take the form of physical trackers in my paper diary and also in spreadsheets for larger data sets.

The 2 main things I’m tracking throughout the year that are hobby-based are crafting and gaming.


Crafting tracking involves knitting project progress and stash status with a goal to work on a maximum number of projects in any given week and for stash movement to trend downwards where I use more than I acquire.

The spreadsheet ‘Yarn bank’ logs incoming stash in terms of what has been spun, won or given to me, and what I’ve purchased. Outgoing stash is identified as projects or destash (sold, donated, traded, given). The sheet also calculates a balance of ‘allowed’ incoming stash based on 50% of what’s gone out minus what I’ve purchased only.

The sheet has a graph generated on the totals of each of the Ravelry stash tabs as my aim has been to reduce the number of stash entries I have.


With gaming I have been paper tracking the levelling progress of a group of toons that started the year with quite low levels and the intention to level them together. In September 2019 I added a sheet to the ‘WoW Characters’ workbook which logged reputation level with the intention to export the graph as it currently stands quarterly and observe changes.

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