Frustratingly WordPress doesn’t permit user-driven column sorting so this page will be more clumsy than I had in mind. Projects listed first according to pattern name, then patterns listed below in order of designer name. You can use search functions of your browser to find the designer of each pattern here.


Projects table lists what I’ve made, or started, in alphabetical order by pattern name. Each blog post will contain designer information and links to where you can access or purchase. Patterns with no active link yet are posts in the queue, drafts or transferred across from the other knitting site yet.

All The B’sSM15 2 All the Beees2021Accessory – Socks – Sock MadnessFinished
Beleaf in YourselfSM15 3 What Big Beleaf You Have2021Accessory – Socks – Sock MadnessFinished
Bojagi ShawlQuiet Gradient Bojagi2020Accessory – ShawlFinished
CameoCameo2021Accessory – ShawlFinished
Ebil ChoicesSM15 1 Wintergreen Heart Tree2021Accessory – Socks – Sock MadnessFinished
Plaid Pockets
Radvent CardiganRadvent Cardi2022Garment – CardiganFinished
Reversible Honeycomb CowlReversible Honeycomb Cowl2021Accessory – CowlFinished
Rubbish MojitosRubbish Red Mojitos2020Accessory – Hat – SlouchyFinished
SenbonzakuraSM15 Q Travelling Blue Flowers2021Accessory – Socks – Sock MadnessFinished
ShepherdessThe Advent Shepherdess2021Accessory – WrapFinished
TickseedScrappy Tickseed Socks 2021Accessory – SocksFinished

Designers and Patterns

This table contains the patterns mentioned in the projects table structured according to the designer name. Where possible I’ll add a link to where I prefer to buy their designs from.

It’s also an experiment in embedding a Google Doc. Testing things on the fly on a public website, go me.