Cameo’s been on my knit list for what feels like forever. A friend has mentioned making several and I’d always liked how it looks. I’ve also had a gradient I spun some years back which I’d been waiting for the right project for. This year I’ve challenged myself to use some of my precious yarns and this project seemed ideal for using a gradient. When I had a lovely indie dyed sock with similar colours it was a match made of perfection.

Key Details

Started: 17 January 2021
Finished: 28 February 2021

Cast On: CO 1 stitch then work increases immediately
Bind Off: picot edge bind off

Modifications/Pattern Notes
I did fewer rows in the first section, more in the second and the third as written. I think it’d be more attractive if I knit it closer to how it was written but I don’t mind this outcome.

Needle Size: 3.75mm

MC: Alegryarn-Wren and Ollie wool gradient
CC: Connie’s Kit and Kaboodle handdyed sock

Project yarn use: 520m from MC 98gm and CC 74.4gm

Crafter Log

Yarn weights. MC: 103gm. CC: 93gm

Finished the main body section after 120 rows, 29 main body repeats. Had 52gm of MC left at the start of the stripe section. Finished the stripe section after 35 stripe repeats and had 4.2gm of MC remaining.
Knit the final lace section exactly as written and did stuff up some of the picot cast off but wasn’t fussed either way.

4.2gm of MC left. 19.6gm of CC left when all completed.

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