Scrappy Tickseed Socks

Tickseed is a pattern by Mylene Pijpers. It was featured as a bonus pattern after round 4 during the 2020 Sock Madness competition. As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to make these. Using them as a base for my scrappy yarn project was an interesting challenge.

Changing yarns every 7 rows meant a lot of ends. I used the weaving in as you go technique I learnt about from a few people and found the Very Pink Knits tutorial helpful. I would 100% make these again. Using only 2 yarns I think they’d be a very relaxing knit; the charts became very intuitive quite quickly.

If making again I’d modify to make the heel flap a little longer and wider. I am utterly appreciative of a nicely cushioned heel flap, especially as I often wear boots. I haven’t made many shorty socks and as my favourite boots tend to be ankle length I wanted to add some to my collection. I’m very happy with these.

Key Details

Pattern: Tickseed by Mylene Pijpers

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Started: 2 February 2021
Finished: 21 February 2021

Needle Size: 2.25mm
Project yarn use and rating: All up 232.9m
MC- 15.8gm. CC1- 9.9gm, CC2- 9.9gm, CC3- 7.9gm, CC4-10.3gm, CC5-13.5gm.

Size made/Dimensions: 68st CO

MC yarn: Doespins Tweed
CC1 yarn: HalfBaked HandDyed sock – Tokyo Story
CC2 yarn: Mystery Fibreshare – grey
CC3 yarn: HalfBaked HandDyed sock – Calamity Jane
CC4 yarn: Pickle & Co. sock – BVK
CC5 yarn: Pickle & Co. sock – Unnamed Red

Yarn Particulars: details about the yarn

Cast On: Twisted German
Bind Off: Pass tail through loose st and pull tight.

Modifications/Pattern Notes
Size made: 68st CO
Changed the CO from what’s listed in the pattern, also omitted the contrast first row.

Crafter Log

Yarn weights: MC 15.8gm; CC1 16.2gm; CC2 9.9gm; CC3 10.8gm; CC4 18.9gm; CC5 13.5gm.
I’ve got a pastelly orange from Lofty Loops held as a backup if I run out of yarn.

2.5 chart repeats then straight into the heel with MC. Knit the heel flap as written in what remained of the Tweed. Ran out 1 row short so resumed with CC5 Unnamed Red for the last row and the heel turn. It was fortunate as the Pickle & Co is loftier so will be more comfortable under the heel.

Gusset and Foot
Picked up for the gusset using CC1 as the foot starts on chart row 8. My foot used 6 chart repeats during which I ran out of CC2 so modified a round to skip every other use of the colour so I could finish the round. On the last row of the last chart repeat I decreased 4 to start the toe section with 64st and followed the pattern as written. Ran out of CC5 and resumed with CC4 as it’s the same base.

Yarns fully consumed: MC, CC2, CC5
Yarn weight left: CC1 6.3g; CC3 2.9gm, CC4 8.6gm

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