WIP: Anarchist Socks

Partially knitted cuff down sock with an orange cuff and wide mottled green stripes interspersed with narrow orange stripes.

Key Details

Started: 14 November 2020

Cast On: Alternate Cable cast on
Bind Off:

Modifications/Pattern Notes
Using smaller needles than the pattern states. I prefer stockinette in 2.25mm and therefore went up to the 68st size to get closer to my normal sock foot size. The colourwork on the heel wasn’t plentiful enough to justify a looser knit overall.

Needle Size: 2.25mm HiyaHiya needles

MC: Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 4ply, tangerine.
CC: Short Fibres Premium Sock, water nymph.

Project use: MC- m, gm. CC- m, gm

Yarn Particulars:

Crafter Log

Yarn weights. MC: CC:
Swatch details

13 Nov 2020

Knitting in tandem with Bestie during our fortnightly stitch sessions. She recently gave me a reprint of Subversive Socks and I suggested we have a knit along with one or more patterns from the book during our catch ups.

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