Rubbish Mojitos

Annie dog in Rubbish Mojitos

I’ve been wanting to make a Woolly Wormhead design for ages. I had some medical matters to get through which were a bit daunting. To take my mind off things a little I decided to put a hat on the needles.

Hats are great as portable projects as they’re typically easy enough that I don’t need to look at a pattern all the time and small enough to have with me and tote easily.

I got out some handspun made a few years ago and it became a reality. Very patiently modelled by my dog Annie.

You can buy this pattern directly from Woolly Wormhead’s website here.

Key Details

Pattern: Rubbish Mojitos by Woolly Wormhead

Started: 28th October 2020
Finished: 13th November 2020

Project yarn use: 178m, 64gm

Needle Sizes: 2.5mm for brim, 2.75mm for body

Yarn: Alegryarn-Moseley Batty Darcy.

Yarn Details: 4-5ply handspun, red sparkly. Fibre was from Moseley Park and spun by me.


Cast On: Alternate Cable cast on.
Bind Off: Tail through last remaining stitches and pulled tight

Modifications, Patterns Notes, Errata

I made no modifications to this pattern nor do I have any specific notes about the pattern itself or errata.

Crafter Log

28 Oct 2020
Cast on the described number of stitches and found that I had enough room to get around my head so I opted out of making a bigger size as initially calculated.

11 Nov 2020
Into the crown decreases and finding that my stitch count has been a little off in some repeats across the row but it’s been fairly trivial to fudge it.

13 Nov 2020
Finished the hat today. Will wash it over the weekend and then do a weigh and measure of the remaining yarn. Due to it being handspun it’s not quite as simple as a final weigh in to get the project use numbers.

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