SM15 1 – Wintergreen Heart Tree

Hand knit socks depicting a mirrored tree design using cable stitches with a heart and branch detail. The yarn is earthy tones and light coloured overall

These socks were indeed a choice. I don’t mind purling, I don’t feel like I’m that much slower at it but I am way more comfortable with cabling on the right side (RS) of a work than the wrong side (WS). I named this project Wintergreen Heart Tree.

Somewhat interestingly I was just getting started on another project that has RS and WS cabling but I wasn’t far enough along to feel at all confident about this new to me technique to want to incorporate it into this project too.

Key Details

Pattern: Ebil Choices by Sabrina Nesslinger

Started: 25 March 2021
Finished: 29 March 2021
Timing: 27hrs 7min approximately

Size: 68st
Project yarn use and rating: MC- 336m, 84gm.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Needle Size: 2.25mm HiyaHiya fixed circular

MC yarn: Natural Fibre Arts Lux Sock, wintergreen.

Yarn Particulars and Rating: soft and smooth 4ply. The dye is variegated but the tone of colours is the same so it was an appropriate choice for this project and the detail.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Cast on: Twisted German Cast On
Bind off: Kitchener Stitch

Sock Madness Submission Requirements

The minimum size required for competition players is 68st.
ALL required photos must be added to your project page.
MUST knit all elements of the sock as specified in the pattern
You may use the inside out or the purl directions (or knit one sock each way). Be warned – if knitting inside out, be sure to check your work as it is not always obvious if you’ve gone astray.
MUST knit a left and right sock – the trees are reverse images of each other. MAKE SURE YOU ARE USING THE CORRECT CHART(S) – failure to do so will result in socks that will not pass.
Please note the size you made on your Project Page
You are responsible for keeping up with the FAQ thread.

Your progress photo.
Your photo showing the socks on blockers and a measuring device showing they are at least the 9”/22.9cm minimum length.
Side view photo showing both trunks and hearts in one photo (we must be able to see the entire socks) laying flat (i.e. not being worn). See Questions thread, post 3 for the angle that we want.
Side view photo showing the other side of the trees in one photo (we must be able to see the entire socks) laying flat (i.e. not being worn).

Crafter Log

Yarn weight: 106.55gm including label

These knit up quite quickly. I knit one and then the other as the charts were different for each foot and I prefer to not have to track too many chart changes across rows.

Finished with Kitchener as directed and required.
Washed and dried on blockers, the fit is ideal for me so no modifications were needed after I’d finished and submitted the socks for approval.

Resources and Links

The heel flap required a pickup along a garter edge. I found these instructions from Yarn Harlot to be particularly helpful.

Full URL:

As far as I can tell this pattern is only available on Ravelry. Please use caution when accessing there if you are prone to migraines, seizures or have known health issues with the site.


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