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This was originally a private post for my personal use. It’s been relatively recently finished so my project pages here may not yet all follow this format; eventually they will. If it’s helpful for you too when devising how you want to format project pages on your own sites then have at adapting anything that’ll help. If you want to toss in a thanks link back to my site that’d be grand.

Square notable picture of the project secondary to the featured pic.

Posts titled as WIP are incomplete. Updates will occur and when the project is finished the WIP will be removed and no further updates should happen.

This starting section will be a bit of a blurb about this project. Perhaps what I affectionately named it. The things going on my life around its working or what possibly inspired me to make it.

Was it a KAL? Did I buy yarn specifically for it or did the pattern call to me after I’d had the yarn for some time. Was it desperate. Do I know the designer?

Lastly if it’s possible put in a link here to an off-Rav place others can buy it.

Key Details – heading 3

Pattern: name by designer

Started: date
Finished: date
Timing: (if recorded)

Project yarn use and rating: MC- m, gm. CC- m, gm

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Needle Size:

MC yarn:

Yarn Particulars and Rating: details about the yarn

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Techniques – make it a heading 4

Cast on:
Bind off:

Modifications, pattern notes, errata.

There may be notes here, not always though.

Crafter Log – heading 3

Yarn weights. MC: CC:
Swatch details

How long did it go on for, was it a work on all the time or a pick up every now and again.

How did you finish it off. Blocking and finished sizing info could also go here.

Would you do it the same again, perhaps lessons learnt.

Resources and Links – heading 3

Sometimes there’s a video of a technique or explanation from somewhere that helped a lot with this project. Here’s a general place for those. They’ll also probably end up on my Techniques page when I get to writing that.

I also am using the below block if a pattern is only available currently on Ravelry. Unfortunately I can’t disable links so they only show up as text in this theme but I am warning people about Rav links.


As far as I can tell this pattern is only available on Ravelry. Please use caution when accessing there if you are prone to migraines, seizures or have known health issues with the site.


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