SM15 2 – All the Beees

pair of hand knit socks viewed from the side. There is a diagonal lines pattern running the whole length that includes beads. The underside of the feet is plain stocking stitch.

This project was a bit of a slow one for me. I wasn’t sure if it was inexperience with rapidly switching between knits and purls, that the charts were needing close attention, that it was beaded quite a bit or all the things combined but I felt like I wasn’t getting far fast.

I did feel a little better after seeing remarks from speedy knitters I know that they also found themselves going much slower on this one. Despite the reduced pace I quite enjoyed this knit. The heel detail was lovely and I always appreciate a heel flap that’s reinforced and has the stitching reduced on the purl side. I also really like the beading at the top of the cuff detail that this design has. It’s very similar to another sock I’ve knit previously; so much so that I went to see if it was the same designer. It isn’t. The technique for starting these socks was very fiddly and prone to error moreso than the start of the other socks which didn’t include a provisional part cuff knit with scrap yarn.

This project also took place at the same time as I went to visit The Old Laravale School with some friends for a weekend craft retreat. Once I’d arrived I learnt about the Scenic Rim Astronomy Association meeting happening on the property while we were visiting so I accepted the opportunity to do a little star gazing too. The whole weekend was lovely and it would have been nice to have it fall during not a competition so I could work on some other crafts a little more too. But we’ll know that for next time to bump the timing to a little later in the year, that will also work nicely for handling some other niggles we encountered along the way.

Key Details

Pattern: All the B’s by KnitJoyz

Started: 8 April, 2021
Finished: 16 April 2021
Timing: 35.5hrs recorded, closer to 38 in reality.

Size: 68st
Project yarn use and rating: 348.4m, 78.3gm.

Rating: 4 out of 5.


Cast on: Provisional cuff
Bind off: Kitchener Stitch

Bead placement using a beading tool
Bobbles knit in 2 different ways

Extra Materials

8/0 Miyuki seed beads
– silver lined ruby 8-11
– transparent light topaz AB

Needle Sizes: 2.5mm HiyaHiya fixed, 2.25mm Chiaogoo and HiyaHiya fixed circulars.

MC yarn: Fibreworks 4ply Wool – Mother of Pearl

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Yarn Particulars and notes: This yarn was way more variegated than I anticipated or really wanted to use for this project. It was selected for the meterage on the label, which was vastly overstated. The skein was also underweight which didn’t impress me a great deal.

Very soft which will be great to wear though stitch definition suffered a little. The yarn was a little splitty which wasn’t great for beading and why I won’t bother to resize as they’re too long for me to wear unmodified.

Crafter Log

Yarn weight at the start was 95.8gm. Working socks 2AAT for legs to begin with after doing cuffs separately.

Legs two at a time was great, when the beads were done they were totally done.

Separated the socks onto their own needles for the heel flap and then foot. Worked in tandem for the foot to finish.

Ending yarn weight as 17.6gm.

Will eventually sock block and dry on plastic hangers. These socks weren’t unenjoyable, but did take a long time. I liked the beading effect, I would do the centre bobbles differently next time as they didn’t really stand out with my yarn and the way they were worked meant the stitches were too short to make an effect.

Resources and Links

As far as I can tell this pattern is only available on Ravelry. Please use caution when accessing there if you are prone to migraines, seizures or have known health issues with the site.


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