Reversible Honeycomb Cowl

Reversible cables have caught my interest and I wanted to learn how they worked. This type of project is an ideal gift for non-knitters because there’s technically no wrong side so your recipient can wear it whichever way pleases them the most.

I was attracted to this pattern because the FO pictures were so eye catching and after looking at the pattern particulars it was a real treat to see how much thought Mary has put into producing help for learning new techniques.

Key Details

Pattern: Reversible Honeycomb Cowl by Mary W Martin

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Started: 23 March 2021
Finished: 29 January 2022
Timing: 46:45

Needle Size: 3.25mm
Project yarn use: Overall 674m
MC- 336m, 84gm. CC- 338m, 84.5gm

Size made/Dimensions: CO 300 stitches before getting fed up with icord.

MC yarn: Natural Fibre Arts Lux Sock
Colourway – Tribute

Rating: 5 out of 5.

CC yarn: Natural Fibre Arts Lux Sock
Colourway – Cardinal

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Yarn Particulars: lofty base with good stitch definition. The Cardinal side of the work turned out to be tighter than the other, I suspect due to the twist of the yarn.


Cast on: icord cast on
Bind off: icord bind off

Reversible cables in 2 colours.

Modifications, pattern notes, errata.

Minimal modifications to this pattern. Modified the i-cord cast on from pfb to ptbl then ktfl, k2. Pass 3st back to left needle and do again.

I did an extra row in MC before the BO edge.

Crafter Log

Yarn weights. MC: 111gm. CC: 107gm

After 1 chart repeat the yarn remaining was MC: 80.6gm, CC: 70.5gm including labels for both. Project timer was 16:00:03.

After 2 chart repeats the yarn remaining was MC: 57.6gm, CC: 47.6gm and the project timer was 29:38:11

Overall 3 chart repeats were completed.

Yarn remaining at the end was MC: 27.1gm, CC: 22.5gm.

I really enjoyed this knit and once the icord was done it flowed pretty smoothly, the instructions for how to do the cables were very clear and

This pattern is part of Mary’s Fusion Knitting collection and she’s done a series of YouTube videos showing the techniques.

As far as I can tell this pattern is only available on Ravelry. Please use caution when accessing there if you are prone to migraines, seizures or have known health issues with the site.


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