2021 Planner Planning

My planning history For several years I've kept a paper diary in conjunction with a digital calendar. I enjoy having a diary with me, to jot things down in, track things from several places together and to refer to quickly without having to deal with my phone. I like writing and making a diary nice... Continue Reading →

2020 Small Business Support

Kicking this list off early in 2020 and adding to it as I go. The particular details listed may change as the year passes. I'm including all small businesses I've given business to, would like to and encourage you to if possible. As of late February Etsy implemented a predatory policy change that charges stores... Continue Reading →

2019 Business Round up

Just in time for the festive season I've started building my list of small businesses and select MLM (multi-level marketing) I've supported in the past, would happily support in the future and encourage you to consider if you're a gift giving sort. Or possibly looking for things to put on you own wish list. Below... Continue Reading →

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