Tour de Fleece 2018

Everything kicks off tomorrow, I’ve rolled my project page using a similar format as

2017. I’ve added more detail of the race stage which is partially to help me determine what I most want to stay up hideously late to watch. It doesn’t really affect the spinning much at all except for possibly resulting in more spindling.

Once again I’ve joined the official TdF Peloton team and the same 2 wildcard teams as last year. Team Slutboots with the glorious LSG folks and also the delightful Team Ixchel. After a review of my stash, I determined that I do have enough on brand fibre to join in the Ixchel festivities.

Due to an event more immediately important than the race coverage I will likely catch up with seeing the grand depart on Sunday afternoon when it’s replayed. There is a certain charm to the slight French themed crossover.

Aside from the crafting I tend to do most of my race viewing at SBS’s Cycling Central website stream which cuts some of the advertising or at least split screens so you don’t miss (too much) race coverage.

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