2019 Business Round up

Just in time for the festive season I've started building my list of small businesses and select MLM (multi-level marketing) I've supported in the past, would happily support in the future and encourage you to consider if you're a gift giving sort. Or possibly looking for things to put on you own wish list. Below... Continue Reading →

Where the Planning Began

Starting wedding planning was an intense experience. There are a lot of resources at the modern bride's disposal, many free and also many with a North American focus. There are plenty of Australian sites that are geared towards what I call the Fairy Princess Bride (FPB). Many women, or couples, who want that aesthetic for... Continue Reading →

My experience of Fibreshare

I signed up and did the Fibreshare swap as an experiment. Several people I know and trust are quite keen on it so I thought I'd give it a whirl. My experience has been highly variable, mixed and obviously subjective in many ways. I received my parcel this morning and my partner received theirs a... Continue Reading →

Tour de Fleece 2018

Everything kicks off tomorrow, I've rolled my project page using a similar format as 2017. I've added more detail of the race stage which is partially to help me determine what I most want to stay up hideously late to watch. It doesn't really affect the spinning much at all except for possibly resulting in... Continue Reading →

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! I'm just going to edit this autogenerated post and go from there. I wanted to roll something a bit more substantial for putting crafty-related writings together in and out of forums. Still tweaking things and might be for some time, theme is highly due to change once more content falls into place.... Continue Reading →

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